At the end of October there was a flurry of media interest linked to political positioning on this issue. The background to the situation is that in 2000, UK VAT on sanitary products was cut from the then standard rate of 17.5% to 5%. This is the lowest rate currently allowed under EU rules.

WHC will not be making a statement on the political issues regarding the tax situation. Our position is clear:

Women’s sanitary products are expressly neither luxurious nor non-essential items. Therefore there is no rationale for imposing any level of tax and the categorisation of such products should reflect this reality. Tampons and other items concerning female hygiene are essential for health, hygiene, wellbeing and lifestyle reasons.

Post your thoughts:

  • Is the current VAT rate of 5% acceptable?
  • Should there be a zero rating?
  • Should tampons be provided as a free service to women through the NHS?

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