Sponsors, potential sponsors and supporters

As a charity receiving no government funding, corporate sponsorship – both from the pharmaceutical industry and the wider business community – is a core component of our financial wellbeing. Commercial support enables us to maintain a viable level of service and to develop and expand our work. In 2019 we will need a total of £75,000 from corporate sources.

Sponsorship packages are tailored to match both the requirements of the sponsor and those of the charity to ensure mutually agreed objectives and outcomes.

Women’s Health Concern has a strict Advertising policy.

Areas of operation for which Women’s Health Concern would currently welcome sponsorship include:



2019 target

Email service

This is expanding fast and we need to engage more specialist nurses to continue to provide a prompt response within 48 hours.



Research and produce an extended range



Prepare, print and more widely distribute – to patients, clients and health professionals



Awareness and health education programmes


Public forums

To provide specialist speakers to address community groups – including marketing and administrative costs – per meeting of 100 attendees. Our target is to run four meetings in 2019/20.


Symposia and regional conferences

For health professionals. Exhibition space



Research activities and specific projects, e.g. outreach to women in prison; facilities to community groups especially where English is not the first language.



Ongoing development costs


Core costs

Office, IT staffing, administration

£500 upwards for designated services

On behalf of the board of trustees and the medical advisory council, I emphasise our commitment to providing unbiased and independent services. This principle underpins all our work and sponsors must, of course, agree to this requirement.

Please do get in touch with me to discuss sponsorship options in more detail.

With best wishes
Sara Moger
Chief Executive