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Project Description

Vibrance Pelvic Trainer ‘Puts Vibrance back in your life!’

Vibrance PFT is an intra-vaginal medical device for the strengthening of female pelvic floor muscles via resistance exercise and biofeedback. When youcontract and lift your pelvic floor muscles correctly, a gentle vibration biofeedback is provided indicating correct technique. Sheaths with increasing levels of stiffness provide resistance exercises for your muscles to work against. Keeps you motivated – gets you dry!

The stress on the Pelvic Floor Muscles increases with each pregnancy, which is why pelvic floor exercises are crucial for women who often have more than one childbirth. The important point is to know how to do these exercises correctly and with consistency so that they actually make a difference. Simply put – this is where Vibrance Pelvic Trainer VPT can prove very helpful – 80% of leaky floors can be treated with better pelvic tone – Vibrance guides you!

Reduced Leakage:

Faster! Studies show that VPT can speed up your progress in the first 4 weeks of use compared to unassisted PFT. The sleeve system adds difficulty through time to add a goal oriented dimension to your training. This helps to keep you motivated and engaged – You achieve results faster!

Fast, Simple & Easy: Vibration Feedback

The patented built-in vibration feedback tells you how well you are doing (triggered by correct technique and sufficient force of contraction) and is the most accurate way of isolating your pelvic floor muscles, It also helps you to quickly build an association between your brain and your pelvic floor, helping you to gain confidence in controlling your pelvic floor muscles

Audio-Guided Training:

Follow the beep! Audio-guided training quickly teaches you how to exercise your muscles properly, with the correct rhythm and timing, in two simple 5 minute routines each day!

Resistive Training Regimen:

The VPT’s patented Training Sleeves allow you to increase the challenge of your exercise and measure the progress of your muscle strength. Resistive training such as that provided by VPT has been proven to be essential to optimizing pelvic floor muscle strength.

Portable & Waterproof:

90 mins of mains charging (built in Lithium Ion Battery) and Vibrance is ready to go for up to 2 weeks of twice daily usage! Once you’re done, a quick rinse and wipe of the medical grade silicone and the VPT is all set for the next session. From taking the VPT out of its case, working out your pelvic floor and putting it back, the VPT takes no more than 10 minutes of your time each session.

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