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Project Description

Game changing innovation becomes greater in the right hands.

The Mission Enduracool Towel works when a series of hollow core fibers are infused with water. These light weight chemical-free pathways command the rate of evaporation to power you with an instant, prolonged cooling effect.

Enduracool Instant Cooling Technologies

The Problem

Heat related illness affects tens of thousands of people at every level, is one of the leading causes of preventable injuries and can stop major organs functioning if the body temperature gets above 40◦C.

Inefficient Options

Current cooling options fall short of meeting the needs required:

Temporary * Cumbersome* Hard-to-carry* Non Wearable* May require refrigeration* Soaks clothing* doesn’t provide sustained cooling

The Solution

On demand cooling works to address the problem of overheating, Mission leads the industry in wearable cooling innovation. Enduracool, a revolution in fabric technology, delivers fast with long-lasting cooling.

The Technology

Mission cooling towels are powered by enduracool, the industry’s first chemical-free cooling material for the textile market.

This proprietary fabric is the only innovation that delivers four distinct functions to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature up to 15◦ C below average body temperature:

Chemical-Free Cooling

Control Temperature. Unlock Performance. Mission Enduracool Towels

Mission how to active Enduracool video


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