Project Description

Hyalofemme is a fast-acting and long-lasting non-hormonal vaginal moisturiser with no parabens or perfumes. Made with a unique formula of hyaluronic acid (known as nature’s moisturiser because it is already present in the human body) it feels like your natural vaginal secretions and is extremely well tolerated even by those with sensitivities.

Hyalofemme has many advantages over other vaginal moisturisers.

As well as being natural feeling and free from hormones, parabens and perfumes, Hyalofemme has been proven in rigorous clinical trials to be an effective solution for the symptoms of vaginal dryness, such as itching, burning, soreness and pain during intercourse.

Hyalofemme is:

  • As effective as local oestrogen therapy (0.1% oestrogen cream), but contains no hormones.
  • Available on prescription or to buy online or at retail pharmacies.
  • A moisturiser, not a lubricant – so it’s fast acting and long lasting. That’s because it doesn’t just sit on the surface for a short time to make an activity such as intercourse or medical examination comfortable. Hyalofemme remains effective generally for three days because it actually hydrates the cells.
  • Natural feeling, because it is a non-messy gel made with hyaluronic acid, a highly moisturising substance that occurs naturally in the body (it’s used widely in face creams).
  • Easy to use – each 30g tube comes with a reusable applicator that places just the right amount in the vagina. One tube generally lasts one month.
  • More effective than other products containing hyaluronic acid because Hyalofemme is made with a unique, patented version which is a small enough molecule to pass through the cell wall and hydrate it from within. This restores the cells’ condition of being nicely plump and elastic.
  • Suitable for women whose vaginas or vulvas are extremely sensitive – for instance, after cancer – because it contains no hormones, potential irritants such as perfumes, or parabens.
  • Good for speeding up the healing of microlesions – tiny cuts caused by the friction created in dry tissue by activity such as sex or even walking.
  • Good at reversing vaginal atrophy – that is, the shrinking and drying of the cells of your vaginal walls which occurs during menopause. That’s because of its ability to get inside your cells.
  • Able to stimulate your vaginal mucous membranes to release anti-bacterial peptides, which help prevent infection and preserve your natural balance of pH and vaginal flora (good and potentially harmful bacteria).
  • Recommended by health care professionals.
  • The preferred choice – 96% of women in a survey would recommend it to a friend.
  • Safe to use with lubricated/non-lubricated latex and polyisoprene condoms, although not polyurethane condoms.


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