Project Description

The primary aim of new lingerie company Esteem – No Pause is to Save Women from Nature, the inspiration for the brand came from the desire to find a stylish and effective clothing solution to a problem that 75% of women experience at some point during the menopause alone – night sweats.

Searching the depths of the internet for nightwear that would keep her dry/drier Jane the founder became increasingly disheartened with what she saw. As someone from Generation X, Jane could not see herself wearing the in the main shapeless and old fashioned clothing that could assist with the discomfort of nightsweats. She asked herself “Would Liz Hurley wear that in bed?”, and with a personal collection of Agent Provocateur that would make the V&A envious Jane set about finding a solution to her problem and that of many women like her.

The Body Moisture system of this luxurious technical high performance fabric is the key to alleviating the uncomfortable symptoms of any day/night sweats and hot flushes, providing breathability and coolness as well as being hygienic. The high lycra content ensures free movement and great fit along with hidden bra shelves and adjustable bra straps in all tops. Quality is paramount reflected in the fabric which is Made in Italy and clothing Made in Britain.

In sum, Esteem – No Pause is a clothing range developed by a woman experiencing night sweats for other women who are not prepared to make do with the mainstream. The clothing is versatile and in the main can be worn as lingerie, daywear, nightwear and exercise wear; suitable for all sufferers of excessive perspiration not just menopausal women.

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