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Project Description

Confitex is a company who have made it their mission to create performance leakproof underwear that doesn’t just provide superior protection – but looks amazing, too!

Between giggles and guffaws, sneezes and stretches, jumping in that gym class and holding on for just a bit too long, it’s no mystery that bladder leakage (LBL) can happen in many-an-awkward scenario. For women, LBL is especially common during pregnancy and after childbirth when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, and during menopause when estrogen levels drop and bladder and urethra function is compromised.

As if dealing with the changes that come with these milestones aren’t hard enough, it can be extra shocking when you get back to your active lifestyle and suddenly your jumping jacks are more leaky Lisa’s – now that really is the last thing we need!
Up until recently, the only way to manage LBL has been by employing disposable pads and adult diapers, which can be bulky and embarrassing, not to mention environmentally unfriendly – but luckily, Confitex are here to change all of that.
Patented three-layer technology

The secret to Confitex’s leakproof performance is in their patented three-layer technology, which is built into the central panel of a stylish pair of underwear. The first layer works to wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and odour free, the second absorbs liquid and the third provides a waterproof barrier to protect your clothing from leaks. All these advanced textile fabrics work together to provide a breathable, hypo-allergenic solution for bladder leakage; plus Confitex underwear is plastic free meaning it’s better for your skin, better for the environment and, being reusable, much, much better on your wallet.

Washable and Dryable

Confitex underwear is washable, dryer friendly and reusable. Simply put it in the machine like normal clothing, pop it in the dryer or hang it on the clothes airer and it’s ready to protect you from leaks, time and time again!

Different levels of absorbency

Confitex underwear is available in three different absorbency measures, and is designed to manage multiple episodes across a day so you can put it on and go!

  • Light – you leak a little from time to time as a result of laughing, sneezing or physical exertion. Can hold up to 25ml per day (5×5 teaspoons)
  • Moderate – you leak as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, surgery or menopause and the leaks come as more of a burst than a trickle. Can hold up to 200ml across a day (40ml per episode)
  • Heavy – you need more protection and peace of mind because you have little control over when and where you pee. Can hold up to 350ml across a day (80ml per episode).

Just because you experience bladder leakage doesn’t mean you have to hold back. With a range of sizes, colours, and absorbency measures available, plus styles ranging from high-waisted briefs to lacey hipsters, regain your everyday confidence, stop holding back and get your first pair of Confitex leakproof underwear today!

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