A Woman of Two Wars: The Life of Mary Borden by Jane Conway

A Woman of Two Wars: The Life of Mary Borden by Jane Conway 2016-11-19T10:00:15+00:00

This newly published biography of a remarkable, often tragic life has at its core a fascinating account of the Anglo French mobile field hospitals organized and led by Mary Borden, an American heiress. The finely drawn details of women in the front lines of war bear comparison with The English Patient and Atonement.

Mary Borden led a complex and passionate life. The author captures the service, spirit and sensuality of the age in discreet yet graphic prose.

A donation towards the work of the nurses of Women’s Health Concern will be made from the sales of the book. It was launched at the Royal Society of Medicine during the charity’s annual Women’s Health Symposium on 1st October 2010.

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