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Time to Love book cover

Time to Love: Celebrating Ninety

By Mary White

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A Woman of Two Wars book cover

A Woman of Two Wars: The Life of Mary Borden

by Jane Conway

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Love Life - East Well

Love Life – Eat Well

by Riki Davies

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50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Menopause

By Wendy Green
ISBN: 978-1-84024-720-6

First Steps through the Menopause

By Catherine Francis
ISBN: 978 0 7459 5557 5.

Hooray for HRT

By Teresa Gorman
ISBN: 0-9553305-0-5

Is it Me or Is it Hot in Here: A Modern Woman’s Guide to the Menopause

By Jenni Murray
ISBN: 978 0 0918 8777 3

Menopause in Perspective

By Philippa Pigache
ISBN: 978-1-84709-055-3

Menopause the Drug-Free Way

By Dr Juliet Bressan
ISBN: 978-1-84709-223-6

Management of the Menopause book cover

Management of the Menopause

by Margaret Rees, John Stevenson, Sally Hope, Serge Rozenberg and Santiago Palacios (Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd and British Menopause Society Publications Ltd, 2009)

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