Introduction by Nigel Denby

“Women’s Health Concern is a charity I really enjoy supporting as it offers advice, reassurance and education on an increasingly wide range of health topics to women.

I hope you find the lifestyle section both useful and interesting.

For a healthy and happy life my advice is to eat regularly, follow a healthy eating plan and take some exercise every day. Good luck!”

Nigel Denby B.Sc (Hons), RD
Leading Harley Street dietician, author and broadcaster

About Nigel

Nigel Denby originally trained as a chef and owned his own restaurant. His love of food led him to undertake a further five years of training to become a qualified registered dietician.

Nigel is the author of eight successful nutrition books; writes a column for a Sunday newspaper; is often to be seen on TV and heard on radio; and combines all this with his clinical service to a Women’s Health Clinic; the Eating Disorders Centre; Children’s Nursery Group; and his own nutritional consultancy in Harley Street, London for weight management, PMS/Menopause and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Nigel likes to dispel myths and give people practical information and reassurance that healthy eating is not that difficult to achieve.

His website is a guide to healthy eating, with latest news from the diet and weightloss industry.

Nigel Denby, leading Harley Street dietician, author and broadcaster

Nigel Denby, leading Harley Street dietician, author and broadcaster