Management of the Menopause

Essential handbook for healthcare professionals working in post reproductive health Sixth edition. Published by the British Menopause Society 2017 Paperback. 180 pages with comprehensive references and index

Post Reproductive Health cover

Post Reproductive Health

The official journal of the British Menopause Society, edited by Dr Heather Currie & Mr Edward Morris.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

A comprehensive book on PCOS, aimed at women with this condition, but also be of value to GPs and other doctors working in this field, particularly trainees.

Managing the Menopause

Managing the Menopause: 21st Century Solutions

By Nick Panay; Paula Briggs and Gab Kovacs. This practical, evidence-based guide is suitable for all health professionals managing the menopause including Gynaecologists, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine specialists, General Practitioners and trainees in any of the above specialties.

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Reports by the RCOG and the BMS

In a major report on women’s health care published on 14 July 2011, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists called for a radical re-think on how women are treated by the NHS.

‘Women’s healthcare must focus on preventing ill health rather than “fire-fighting” disease… every woman should have a menopause “MoT” at 50 to address problems that could worsen later.’

The BMS, our parent charity, had earlier launched its own statement Hope for Women – Essential recommendations at its annual conference on 19th May 2011. Both organisations work closely together to help improve awareness of women’s post menopausal health issues.

The Statement was enclosed in an open letter from the chairman and chief executive of the BMS to the Secretary of State for Health.

Download the full statement [PDF 46Kb] Download the open letter > [PDF 586Kb]