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Date: 16 October 2009

Organiser: Women's Health Concern

Location: The Royal Society of Medicine, London Full details


Low eGFR: But is Kidney Function really Abnormal?

Dr Chris Farmer

Bio-identical Hormones and other Complementary Medicines: Science Fact or Science Fiction?

Professor Margaret Rees

The Gerald Swyer Memorial Lecture*: Heart Disease in Women

Professor Peter Collins

Teenagers and Sex: Is it Catching?

Dr Gillian Vanhegan

What are the Real Risks for Breast Cancer?

Professor Richard Farmer

Arthralgia and Arthritis: When is an Ache really a Disease?

Dr Mike Irani

Osteoporosis Therapies: Panaceas or Poisons?

Dr John Stevenson

*The late Dr Gerald Swyer was internationally recognised for his early work on the development of the contraceptive pill; the first endocrine and fertility clinics in London; and his pioneering research on hormone replacement therapy. He was Chairman of Women’s Health Concern from 1980-1993. The Dr Gerald Swyer Memorial Fund was set up in 1995 as a lasting tribute to him.