Penny Junor

Penny Junor


Best known for her royal writing and broadcasting, Penny has been writing well-respected, best-selling biographies for over 20 years and is much in demand as a commentator on royal events. She also writes and broadcasts about consumer affairs and travel, and has spent many years interviewing and profile-writing in the national press. Penny is a trustee of the charity BEAT and patron of the Cirencester Eating Disorders Association.

Penny speaks at many events but this keynote address particularly exemplifies our work.

Sara Moger


Sara began her post-graduate business career in marketing, with positions at Surrey County Cricket Club and at Extrastaff, part of the Blue Arrow group. After 11 years she converted from the commercial to the charity world, where she has remained! A senior managerial position with the Lord’s Taverners led to her creating her own consultancy – and professional introduction to a range of healthcare charities. As the partner of a GP in SE London, she was already personally committed to the broader medical world.

After consultancy roles with Baby Lifeline, Women’s Health Concern and the British Menopause Society (BMS), she was appointed Chief Executive of the BMS in 2007. In 2011 WHC became the patient arm of the BMS. To date, Sara has served seven distinguished chairmen and is an ex officio member of the BMS Medical Advisory Council. She has transformed the BMS to a business with an annual turnover of close to £1 million and 1,400 members.

Sara sits on numerous healthcare committees and works closely with NHS England, RCGP, RCOG, and FSRH. She was a lay member of the NICE Guideline for Menopause Care, 2013-2015. With the rapidly increasing national and international profile of post-reproductive health, Sara has a key role, not only with healthcare professionals in the development of responsible menopause education and management, but with politicians and throughout the media.