As you are aware, the NICE guideline Menopause: diagnosis and management (NG23) is under review. The draft guideline was made available for consultation to stakeholders between 17 November 2023 and 5 January 2024.

All members of the BMS board and medical advisory council undertook a detailed review of the draft guideline and submitted comprehensive feedback. This feedback was carefully evaluated and collated by Tim Hillard on behalf of the BMS and our 40-page completed form was submitted to NICE on 3 January, in advance of the NICE deadline.

The BMS has serious concerns about the content of the consultation draft and the impact it will have on the treatment, health and wellbeing of women.

We shared our concerns with other national and international specialist societies, and with Royal Colleges, who had similar views on the draft guideline. It was agreed that a joint letter expressing our concerns should be submitted to Professor Jonathan Benger, the Chief Medical Officer at NICE. This joint letter was sent on 18 January and a brief acknowledgement was received on 22 January. On Friday 15 March, we received further communication from Professor Benger requesting a meeting with the signatories of the letter.

You should also be aware that one of the two topic advisors, together with one of the clinical experts, resigned from the Menopause Guideline Committee after the committee meeting in February.  Neither felt that they could support the draft version of the reviewed NICE document.

The revised guideline is due to be published on 13 May 2024. We trust that the concerns expressed by the BMS, by other specialist societies and Royal colleges and by the majority of stakeholders have been carefully considered and incorporated into the final version of the document.