We are aware of concerns being expressed about the recommendations from the updated draft NICE guidelines for menopause, issued on 17 November 2023 and currently out for consultation.

While the option of CBT was a main focus of the NICE press release, the advice contained within the guidelines regarding the use of HRT is in keeping with the 2015 guidelines, i.e. HRT should be offered for menopausal symptoms.

The message has not changed.  When used for a clear indication with consideration of type, route and dose, for the vast majority of women HRT provides more benefits than risks. CBT was recommended as an option in the 2015 guidelines. It continues to be seen as an effective option which can be used in addition to HRT. It can also be considered for women who choose not to take HRT, or those who have medical reasons to be cautious about HRT use.

This draft NICE guidance is out for consultation until 5pm on Friday 5 January 2024. As stakeholders, the British Menopause Society will be reviewing in detail the content and recommendations of the draft guideline and we will be providing NICE with the consensus feedback of our board and medical advisory council. We would strongly encourage stakeholders (or those who can register to become stakeholders) to feedback to NICE with any comments they have in relation to the various recommendations and content of the draft guideline: NICE – draft guidance consultation.