Long-term pain conditions are more common in women and there is some evidence that the menopause may contribute to this, although the mechanisms are as yet poorly understood. The aim of the study is to increase the understanding of the experiences of women during the menopause years and identify possible overlaps between menopause and pain in order to influence health services to support women adequately during this time.

Study participants will take part in interviews with the study researcher to share their health experience during the menopause years, and considerations about how menopause and pain relate to other aspects of people’s life. Interviews can either be in-person (London and South East) or online.

To ensure the safety of participants, the study adheres to the following eligibility criteria:


Cis-gender women (females at birth who self-identify as women)

Aged 35-75

Have had the final menstrual period or are experiencing peri-menopause


Able to understand the study processes


Significant co-morbidities which directly affect chronic pain and menopause symptoms (e.g. Cancer, diabetes, neuropathy)

Current behavioural problems (participant or household members) that would put participants and researcher at risk

Current unmanaged mental health problems

Unable to comply with study processes

Unable to give consent

Please email Catherine Borra (doctoral student and study coordinator) Catherine.borra.19@ucl.ac.uk for more information and instructions on how to join. Alternatively, you can contact the principal investigator, Prof Sahra Gibbon s.gibbon@ucl.ac.uk.

You can also view the study information and consent form in your web browser by clicking the link below:

Chronic pain during peri-menopause – an et