The BMS very much welcomes the recommendations of the Head of the HRT Taskforce Madelaine McTernan to the Department of Health and Social Care for future management of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) supply. We are pleased to hear that the Government is committed to helping and supporting women going through the menopause and to ensuring that women can continue to access the HRT preparations they need.

The British Menopause Society believes, that the inclusive across the board approach applied by DHSC by working closely with the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, stakeholders such as the NHS and the MHRA as well as the advisory bodies such as the British Menopause Society, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of General Practitioners is essential to understand the reasons behind the shortages, introduce measures to help resolve the problem including the Serious Shortages Protocols that were introduced by the DHSC  and to help prevent this happening again in the future.

We are also reassured that the HRT Taskforce has recommended the continued assessment of NHS formularies and their potential impact on access to HRT.

The British Menopause Society looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the DHSC and the Menopause Taskforce to help further advance the care and support offered to the many women going through the menopause transition.