A team at King’s College London is currently looking for women to take part in research looking at a new online intervention designed to increase resilience and decrease low mood and worry in women who have completed treatment for breast cancer.

About the study:
The study they are currently running is an entirely online study, run by King’s College London. They say:

We know that often women who have been treated for breast cancer can experience low mood and worry, so we have created a platform designed to promote resilience and in turn reduce worry and low mood. Participants are required to complete short online training sessions at home over the course of three weeks, which involve listening to audio scenarios about day-to-day scenarios.

We are looking for participants who:

  • Have been treated for breast cancer (stages 1-3) and completed treatment within the past 3 years (but no less than the past 4 months)
  • Experience either worry or low mood
  • Have access to a working laptop or computer

The link to their information sheet is here: https://www.frameproject.co.uk/info-sheet.html
and for potential participants to register their interest directly is here: https://www.frameproject.co.uk/register

They also have a Facebook Page if you use social media and would like to share their posts and information this way. www.facebook.com/frameprojectuk
For more information or any questions please feel free to get in touch at frameproject@kcl.ac.uk