A new survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of our sister charity the British Menopause Society (BMS) has revealed that one in two women in Great Britain (aged 45-65 who are currently experiencing or who have experienced menopausal symptoms go through the menopause without consulting a healthcare professional.

This is despite women surveyed reporting on average seven different symptoms and 42% saying their symptoms were worse or much worse than expected.

The online survey found that:

  • Among those who have not consulted a healthcare professional for their menopause symptoms, more than a third (35%) believe it is something they should have to put up with
  • The majority of women surveyed experienced hot flushes (79%) or night sweats (70%), but many experienced symptoms they did not expect
    • 22% of women surveyed experienced unexpected sleeping problems / insomnia, 20% difficulty with memory / concentration and 18% joint aches
    • It is also interesting to note that 35% said they experienced vaginal dryness, with 18% of those experiencing this symptom saying it was unexpected
  • The impact of these symptoms has been widespread with half of women surveyed saying their menopause symptoms have affected their home life, their social life (36%), and work life (36%)
    • 50% of women surveyed also reported that their sex life was affected, experiencing reduced libido (32%), reduced sex life (22%), painful or uncomfortable sex (16%) and 10% stopped having sex altogether.

Full details of the survey can be found on the BMS website.

Summary infographic: National Menopause Survey 2016 – The Results [PDF, 155KB]

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