Target Ovarian Cancer, the leading UK based charity dedicated to saving lives and helping women diagnosed with ovarian cancer live their lives to the full has launched the Symptoms Diary, an easy to use printable diary and mobile application.

The app is free to download, and will help women accurately record their symptoms and communicate more effectively with their GP. The app reminds women to record the symptoms they are experiencing and prompts them to book an appointment with their GP. Women can download a full report to take to their GP. The app is also available as a printed version.

Says Target Ovarian Cancer:

“This innovative app will empower women to communicate more effectively with their GP. We hear many stories of women who have visited their GP multiple times or have been misdiagnosed, so this app can be used as a diagnostic tool to help women reach a diagnosis quicker. The app also prompts women to book follow up appointments and has a feature to add your doctors appoint to your personal calendar.

“The symptoms of ovarian cancer include feeling bloated, needing to wee more, tummy pain and always feeling full. If a woman is experiencing these symptoms frequently and persistently, she should visit her GP.

“It’s an innovative app, and we hope that it will empower women as well as improving early diagnosis and saving lives.”

More information on the Target Ovarian Cancer website: