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The RCOG Women’s Network, which is a group of lay volunteers who work with the College, are doing a project on the health of older women – those approaching menopause and beyond.

As part of this project they are keen to find out what health information needs older women have. They have designed a survey on SurveyMonkey and they would be most grateful if you would spend a few minutes filling it in. Obviously the more women who do it, the more powerful the results.

The questionnaire is completely confidential – no-one can be traced and it takes about 10 minutes to do. The survey will close on Tuesday 7th July 2015.

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  1. karen 30 June 2015 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    Today I was prescribed a vaginal lubricant which is on the list of products allegedly on offer to women via the NHS. No pharmacist ( I visited 6 stores ) had the product in stock and it has to be a special order. Some pharmacies state it is not on their order list. I believe the menopause is not considered to be a serious condition yet the symptoms impact on my life on a daily ( if not hourly) basis. I cannot be the only woman that finds this time of life to be horrendous and yet there is little support via the NHS. Would this be the same if the menopause affected men?
    Hot flushes – nothing has helped and I cannot (and do not want ) take HRT as I am prone to breast lumps (4th one now) . Soya, Red Clover etc has no impact.

    NICE is publish guidelines but if pharmacies do not hold any of the prescription products then what is the point ?

  2. Karen Card 29 May 2016 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    We are told about menstruation and all that entails as young girls.
    It’s as if we’ve reverted to the dark ages and no one talks about the menopause. The doctors I saw over the last 5 years said I was too young ( I’m 50 next year)
    I’m having to educate myself about what’s happening to me, what’s available and why my body has become a blob in just two years!
    Would it be the same if men suffered? We know men are rubbish at going to see doctors. They don’t check themselves like women do so I’m guessing it wouldn’t make any difference.

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