NICE menopause clinical guideline is on its way…

Following a two year development process examining the diagnosis and management of menopause, in which the British Menopause Society has been a prominent stakeholder, the draft guideline is available for viewing and comment from 1 June to 13th July 2015.

On the NICE website: Menopause: guidance and guidelines – a list of downloadable documents created during development.

The final document will be published in November 2015.

In addition to the guideline for clinicians, notably for GPs and practice nurses, an Information for Patients (IFP) version will be published at the same time.

Note. There is considerable media interest in this guideline. Both the BMS and WHC will be providing information and advice for health professionals and patients. See our meetings programme, shown on this and the BMS website.

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  1. Jo lanes 8 July 2015 at 5:06 am - Reply

    When you are young, you get many talks and discussions about starting your periods, and having sex and babies.

    Nothing is ever said about the menopause, you don’t know what happens, how long, the side effects of sweating and flushing.

    I thought the menopause lasted a month. I read the other day a woman went through the menopause for 10, yes 10 years.

    The effect it had on me, my relationship with my partner and also my relationship with my daughter was horrendous.

    Please more information

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