Just two apples a day protects women against heart disease

Eating just two apples per day can lower cholesterol levels and help protect against heart disease, according to new research.

Scientists found that apples significantly lowered blood fat levels in postmenopausal women, the group most at risk from heart attacks and strokes.

After eating apples every day, results could be seen within three months – and by six months, cholesterol was lowered by almost a quarter.

The biggest reduction was seen in the ‘bad’ cholesterol that furs up arteries and increases the risk of a life-threatening clot forming near the brain or heart.

Heart disease and strokes are the biggest causes of death among post-menopausal women.

Up to the menopause, women appear to have a natural immunity to heart disease affecting only a third compared to the incidence of heart disease in men, but from the age of around 50 onwards, the incidence in women increases sharply.

The apple eating research was carried out by scientists at Florida State University in the U.S.

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