A new product in the over-the-counter range for Boots Pharmaceuticals, CYKLO–F®, works by reducing menstrual blood loss but not the length of the period, therefore improving the quality of life of the women who suffer with this condition.

“We know that a significant number of women are regularly suffering with heavy periods, which is having a knock-on effect on their self-confidence, their lives and their relationships with partners,” says Robert Gilbert, Director of Boots Pharmaceuticals.

“Being able to reduce menstrual blood flow so that women can stop putting their lives on hold every month would have a noticeable positive impact on women with this particular problem. It is concerning that so many women are suffering in silence. We suspect that they put the problem out of their mind when they are not on their period. We urge women to seek help from their GP or pharmacist.”

The tablets contain tranexamic acid, an effective, well-tolerated antifibrinolytic medicine, which works by reducing the menstrual blood loss.

GP, Dr Dawn Harper said: “Doctors define heavy periods or menorrhagia as blood loss of 60 – 80 mls (12 – 16 teaspoons) or more but I am yet to meet a woman who measures her blood loss. In practical terms, if you are prone to flooding, pass lots of clots or need to change your protection very frequently, then chances are your periods are heavy and you should be asking for help.”