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01 Jul 2014

Mind the Gap... in your knowledge: Urgent Need to Educate Women and Healthcare Professionals in Good Health Post 50 >

At the British Menopause Society 24th annual conference, which was held in Harrogate last week, chairman Eddie Morris launched the ‘Mind the Gap. . . ‘ campaign.

20 May 2014

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies is back >

The embarrassing bodies live clinic is open once again for appointments with some of the UK's top medical experts.

01 Apr 2014

Starting to experience menopausal symptoms? Help ClearBlue carry out a study >

Are you or someone you know starting the change of life? Clearblue is looking for women going through the menopause to provide daily early morning urine samples for up to one menstrual cycle.

06 Jan 2014

Lack of exercise increases cancer risk in women >

British women are putting themselves at risk of developing cancer because of their lack of physical activity, a charity has warned.

23 Dec 2013

Research on DNA can assess womb cancer risk >

Scientists have been researching how an inherited condition called Lynch Syndrome can increase the risk of bowel, womb and other cancers.

28 Nov 2013

Take part in the trial: Low dose HRT or patch? Which is best for post-menopausal symptoms? >

The Research Centre is running a trial on HRT for post-menopause.

12 Nov 2013

Do you need to take medicines long-term? Participate in the ‘Living with medicines’ survey >

Students from the Medway School of Pharmacy are undertaking a study on the burden of long-term medicine use.

5 Nov 2013

Eclampsia diagnosed by simple, rapid test >

Hundreds of babies could be saved each year from deadly pre-eclampsia by a new 15-minute blood test.

8 Oct 2013

Menopause clinical guideline is on its way >

A clinical guideline on the 'diagnosis and management of menopause' is in preparation and, once available, will be used throughout the NHS.

11 Sep 2013

Risk of womb cancer reduced by diet, exercise and possibly coffee >

A review of global data by researchers at Imperial College, London, shows that almost half of cases of womb cancer in the UK – about 3,700 a year – could be prevented through keeping slim and active.

27 Aug 2013

New test to screen for ovarian cancer >

A new way of screening for ovarian cancer is showing "potential", according to researchers in the US.

16 Jul 2013

Obesity may be a risk factor for osteoporosis >

US researchers have discovered that some people who are overweight have hidden fat inside their bones that could make them weak and prone to fractures.

19 Jun 2013

Back Britain's Charities >

Lorraine Kelly and Stephen Fry are just some of the celebrities supporting the Charities Aid Foundation campaign.

19 Jun 2013

Take part in a study on Chronic Pelvic Pain >

Miznah Al-Abbadey, a PhD student in Health Psychology, is undertaking a study on female pelvic pain. She is exploring the impact of chronic pelvic pain on sufferers' lives and the impact on their personal relationships.

18 Jun 2013

IVF treatment could be safer using kisspectin hormones >

The first woman to have IVF treatment using a pioneering new method developed at Imperial College London has given birth to a baby boy.

6 Jun 2013

HRT is safe, experts claim >

New guidance from the British Menopause Society claims that studies that condemned HRT were "flawed" and the benefits outweigh the risks.

5 Jun 2013

Online clinic on sexual health – 12-18 June – Women’s Health Concern teams up with talkhealth / NHS Choices >

Wish you could speak to leading medical experts directly from the comfort of your own home, and read and engage with others' thoughts and questions about sexual health?

11 Apr 2013

Male sex hormones to help beat breast cancer >

US scientists have found a new target to beat breast cancer – male sex hormones, or androgens.

8 Apr 2013

Fundraising news: Success for Kem in Paris – £1,000 and rising (including off-line donations) >

Miss NKem Akpuaka ran the Paris Marathon on Sunday 7th April 2013 for the British Menopause Society and Women’s Health Concern. Her time was 5 hours 7 minutes which she says “wasn’t great” but we thought was brilliant!

5 Apr 2013

Men and the Menopause on Woman's Hour >

Patrick Shervington, WHC Patient Arm Director, was interviewed by Jenni Murray on a man’s perspective on menopause.

22 Mar 2013

Embarrassing Bodies: Book your appointment now! >

Got a medical problem for Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies series?

23 Jan 2013

Early diagnosis key to surviving ovarian cancer >

The lives of women with ovarian cancer in the UK are still being cut short because of delays to their diagnoses.

15 Jan 2013

Breast cancer drug for prevention in high risk women? >

Women in England and Wales with a strong family history of breast cancer could be offered a drug on the NHS to try to prevent the disease.