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Do you have a story to tell the media?

revised June 2014

How do you feel about any aspect of health, sexual health and relationships? Let us know anonymously or otherwise

What has it been like for you? Your family? Your health?

We are looking for women of all ages to talk to journalists about their health, sexual health, lifestyle and relationship experiences, plus any worries and concerns these have brought.

By telling your story, we can help support other women who may be going through similar experiences.

What symptoms, if any, did you experience? How were relationships with your families and friends affected? Did these cause problems at work? What treatments, diets and lifestyle changes did you use to help you cope? What advice could you offer other women?

We would like to use your story in articles in women's magazines, national newspapers and on our website. By publishing your story in this way, we can encourage other women across the UK who 'suffer in silence' to seek help and advice.

Your details will not be passed on to the media.

If you feel that you are able to tell your story, please submit the form below and we will be in contact.

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