New blood tests to detect ovarian cancer

Regular blood tests can provide early detection of 86% of ovarian cancers. These are the first results of a 14-year trial of more than 46,000 women.
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Joint RCOG/BMS statement: Lancet study examines use of HRT and ovarian cancer risk

A study published today in The Lancet, looks at short-term use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the possible increased risk of ovarian cancer.

The findings from a meta-analysis of […]

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Tickets available for the Primrose Ball, 7 March, in Leeds – in aid of Endometriosis UK

Organised by Leeds Endometriosis Support Group and Endometriosis UK, the event is called the ‘Primrose Ball’. It will be hosted on 7th March 2015 at the Park Plaza in Leeds […]

22 January 2015|

The 18th October is world menopause day

The International Menopause Society is marking the day by publishing a report encouraging women to “have a health audit – and take action at the time of the menopause to […]

18 October 2014|

Mind the Gap… in your knowledge: Urgent Need to Educate Women and Healthcare Professionals in Good Health Post 50

At the British Menopause Society 24th annual conference, which was held in Harrogate last week, chairman Eddie Morris launched the ‘Mind the Gap. . . ‘ campaign.

Mr Morris said […]

1 July 2014|

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies is back

The embarrassing bodies live clinic is open once again for appointments with some of the UK’s top medical experts.

The TV programme, hosted by Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn […]

20 May 2014|

Starting to experience menopausal symptoms? Help ClearBlue carry out a study

Are you or someone you know starting the change of life? Clearblue is looking for women going through the menopause to provide daily early morning urine samples for up […]

1 April 2014|

Lack of exercise increases cancer risk in women

British women are putting themselves at risk of developing cancer because of their lack of physical activity, a charity has warned.

The World Cancer Research Fund alert comes after figures […]

6 January 2014|

Research on DNA can assess womb cancer risk

Scientists have been researching how an inherited condition called Lynch Syndrome can increase the risk of bowel, womb and other cancers.

A new DNA model will now help diagnose those […]

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Take part in the trial: Low dose HRT or patch? Which is best for post-menopausal symptoms?

Help the Women’s Health Research Centre (WHRC) at Imperial College Health NHS Trust. The Research Centre is running a trial on HRT for post-menopause.
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