Women's Health Concern

Telephone advice line

Telephone advice line 0845 123 2319 is temporarily operating on a restricted basis due to a current lack of funds. The line is not staffed by specialist nurses. Our administrative staff will be pleased to direct you to a suitable website or alternative Help line appropriate to your particular concern. This limited service is available Mondays to Thursdays between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

If you have a question for our medical advisers you can receive a confidential reply by submitting your question via our email advice service. We ask for a minimum donation of £10.00, payable online, to help cover the costs of this service.

Alternatively you may wish to contact NHS Healthcare Services on 111 or NHS Direct helpline on 0845 4647 or one of the helpline numbers shown in our Useful links.

Neither Women’s Health Concern nor the British Menopause Society are able to provide an emergency service.

Due to limited resources we prefer not to engage in lengthy discussions if we feel you should be consulting your own doctor or practice nurse.

We cannot be held responsible for any advice offered.