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"Women's Health Concern is a charity I really enjoy supporting as it offers advice, reassurance and education on an increasingly wide range of health topics to women.

I hope you find the lifestyle section both useful and interesting.

For a healthy and happy life my advice is to eat regularly, follow a healthy eating plan and take some exercise every day. Good luck!"

Nigel Denby B.Sc (Hons), RD
Leading Harley Street dietician, author and broadcaster

Nigel Denby originally trained as a chef and owned his own restaurant. His love of food led him to undertake a further five years of training to become a qualified registered dietician.

Nigel is the author of eight successful nutrition books; writes a column for a Sunday newspaper; is often to be seen on TV and heard on radio; and combines all this with his clinical service to a Women's Health Clinic; the Eating Disorders Centre; Children's Nursery Group; and his own nutritional consultancy in Harley Street, London for weight management, PMS/Menopause and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Nigel likes to dispel myths and give people practical information and reassurance that healthy eating is not that difficult to achieve.

His website GDAdiet.com is a guide to healthy eating, with latest news from the diet and weightloss industry.

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